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The development of “Aquitainia” on The World comprises of the islands of France and Spain and was named after the province of Galia Aquitania in the Middle Ages. This region is now Aquitaine, one of the twenty-six provinces of France lying towards the south west.

During the times of Julius Caesar, Aquitania was situated towards the picturesque south-western region of “Gaul”, which is now Western Europe. The province was surrounded by great beauty, with white sandy beaches embracing the Atlantic Ocean on its western side and the Pyrenees mountain range providing hundreds of miles of spectacular rocks, rivers and scenery lying towards its south. In the Middle Ages this province was a Kingdom and later a Duchy, bound to the south by Spain. The county of Aquitania, along with a few other Duchies, was considered to be powerful and was for some time independent from the rule of the French crown. 

France comprises of stunning suites and magnificent villas, with the villas fronting the private beach that surrounds the majority of the island.  The beach is only interrupted to allow the flow of water into the French Marina, located in the St.Tropez area.  While Cannes villas are set back on the powdery white sand, Monaco villas are situated further down the beach draping over the sparkling water. The one and two bedroom spacious suites and three bedroom penthouses located in St Tropez offer residents a choice of marina or beach views.  Surrounding the marina are a series of walkways providing an intimate Mediterranean feel.


Spain has a fantastic location with sweeping ocean front views to West Africa, the northern islands of South America and the Eastern United States.  Located at the heart of ‘The World’, Spain also has the advantage of being very visible from the main navigation route, maximizing potential for residents and visitors to the idyllic island shores.


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