Private Equity Ventures

The group’s private equity arm constantly searches for projects that will help diversify the existing portfolio of assets. To date, the group has successfully nurtured an industrial initiative and successfully exited the project as follows:

Select Glass Industries
Pioneers in UAE for robotic glass processing.

By joining forces with leading industry specialists from the United Kingdom and other investors, the group’s private equity arm pioneered the idea of setting up a state of the art glass processing industry in RAK Industrial Zone at Al Jazeera in 2006. The venture, Select Glass Industries with an annual supply of 30,000 tons of processed glass was successfully set up by the middle of 2007.  The primary objective of the plant is to support the regional construction industry by supplying glass products for the architectural segment. The factory is equipped with the most advanced robotic glass processing technology sourced from leading suppliers in Europe. After nurturing the project and succeeding it into commercial production, the Select Group exited this project with a good return on investment for all co-investors.


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