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Operating according to calculated plans aimed at covering all spectrums of the economy, Select Group’s investments concentrate on selective opportunities for the best returns on investment.  Extensive research and current market knowledge provide the leading edge for the group in real estate, industrial, infrastructure and financial investments.


To hedge against any un-foreseen down-turn in the middle-eastern real estate sector, and to protect the existing wealth including consistent generation of superior return on investments, Select Group has rolled out an extensively researched diversification strategy that is prudently implemented. 

Distressed Projects

The group is always interested in distressed projects where the existing developer is not able to continue to develop a project and the project needs to be rescued. The group has a wealth of knowledge, development and asset management capabilities to rescue such distressed projects. The group has developed an internal expertise to conduct extensive due diligence on all such opportunities. The group maintains excellent relations with the master developers and regulators for their assistance, if required, for a successful take over, completion and delivery of such projects.


Recent Projects

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