Olga Lobanova
Manager, Marketing

Olga Lobanova

Olga joined Select Group in February 2022 as Marketing Manager. She is responsible for various aspects of the company's marketing efforts including communication, content creation, PR and media outreach, and brand consistency efforts. With over 10 years of marketing experience in various industries, Olga has a solid reputation as a visionary problem-solver and creative tactician in the fields of brand advertising, digital content, and media production.

Olga has previously worked in international FMCG brands, award-winning PR and content creation agencies, and was leading the marketing efforts of the launch of a boutique hospitality brand in the region.

Olga holds a BA degree in Media Management from Rhein-Main University of Applied Science (Wiesbaden, Germany) and is extremely passionate about brand identity and strategy, creative storytelling, and curated visual brand journey.

Olga is a life-long learner and a strong believer in continuous personal development. She takes any interesting opportunity online or offline to sharpen her skills, learn new technologies and open up new horizons.