Strategic Investments

The investment arm of Select Group is a highly analytical and data-driven department with a strong focus on diversification. With thorough market research and a lens for emerging trends, Select Group identifies promising investment opportunities that yield high returns.

Select Group has successfully embarked on business ventures within diverse sectors, including fitness, wellness, technology and asset management, as part of its venture capital vertical.

GymNation, Select Group’s most recent venture capital success story, was an investment made in 2018, propelling its rapid growth in the region. Later in 2021, it was successfully liquidated to UK fitness giant JD Sports Gyms Ltd. (JD Gyms), part of FTSE 100 entity, JD Sports Fashion PL.

Select Group Investments


Key to Select Group’s international growth has been the ability to develop strategic partnerships within the hospitality sector to manage its assets. By joining forces with world-renowned brands such as InterContinental, Radisson Blu, Jumeirah Group, Accor, Meliá Hotels International, Novum Hospitality, and most recently Six Senses Hotels & Resorts, these partnerships have been a powerful tool for achieving success in expanding its presence in key markets.


Utilitsing its stealth expertise for identifying and acquiring residential investments, with the opportunity to maximise their value and generate incremental returns, Select Group continues to grow its successful residential investment portfolio in key markets such as the United Arab Emirates, Europe and the United Kingdom.


Incorporated within each of Select Group's developments is a varied range of leased retail units, not only offering convenience to its residents, but creating thriving economic ecosystems by providing a ready-made customer base for businesses and operators who are looking to position themselves inside vibrant communities.